Here’s to the best seat in the house. The focal point of sitting rooms and living rooms alike and the primary influence of everything else in the room. The sofa, where you veg out, drink tea, spill tea and spend 1,460 hours a year in front of the TV.

From your claimed spot on the settee, you’ll soon be all too familiar with the onslaught of renovation adverts that pop up in the lull between Christmases. Soon our screens will be bombarded by sleek bathroom tiles, men and women in orange dungarees and the eager tones of narrators soothing us with their promises of interest-free credit. Sofa retailers ramp it up a gear, and it seems every other advert is exclaiming that it’s the end of season sale and you’ll never get these sofas at a lower price, though judging by the abundance of their sale ads, do they ever actually sell a sofa at the original price?

Our screens are subject to perfectly curated homes of the season with glossy cabinets, minimalist tones and healthy plants setting the scene of the home that you could have if only you tripled your budget and invested in a watering can. Introducing the new colour schemes of the season and new autumn-winter accessories, it’s a shame your sofa doesn’t match this seasons ottoman. Never fear, there are affordable sofas everywhere.

Furniture makers like DFS & SCS corner the market with their unrivalled abundance of low-cost furniture, which is well suited to a market that’s constantly updating. A boldly coloured sofa with cardboard innards is appropriate when by the time you’ve paid off their four-year interest-free credit, it’s time to upgrade to the newest fashion. When you’re paying £300 for a sofa at £6.25 a month for 48 months, it just about pays for itself with change lost between the cushions.

As our mentality shifts towards disposability, motivated by the abundance of short two-year phone contracts, we’re being encouraged to throw away working condition products in favour of this seasons must have, and it’s changed the way that things are manufactured. Sofas were once a lifetime investment and were constructed out of solid wood and heavy textiles, but are now made out of plywood and cardboard and have too become products of a disposable society, and the same things we see washed up on the side of the road.

But as it gets closer to the end of the season, the adverts get more persuasive, the cheaper the deals get, and the more glaringly out of fashion your turquoise rug becomes, as makes the matching duck-shell sofa pattern. Before you add the new model to your basket, consider that despite the pushy ads, SCS offers a 20-year guarantee on their frames and DFS fifteen. If you pick a neutral or classic style and colour which can be blended in with whatever cushions are of the next season, you may just avoid a trip to the tip before the sofa’s out of commission. Or go with the bright green sofa, just make sure to stay steadfast when the spring adverts come around for the next eight years.

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