Every civilisation in society has a leading drive. The Egyptians believed in gods that would protect them, medieval societies believed that jousting and pillaging would give them untold riches, and the industrial age told us that coal would be the end of all labour. While our society is currently hailing technology as our saviour, we’re still living by the industrial ages belief in finite fuels as our guiding force.

As we move into an age of transition towards energy autonomy, the last few years have seen a turning point in the force of our economy. Increasing amounts of energy are coming from renewable sources, there are more countries than ever before that are independent of fossil fuels and electric cars are becoming more prominent on our roads, even if you can’t hear them.

If the new age of technology is upon us, why are we dragging our heels? There are still last-ditch and desperate attempts to revive the fossil fuel industry, here’s looking at you, Trump, and the market is still flooded by single-use plastics despite innovation in degradable materials with the same properties. While half of the world is storming ahead with driverless cars, fully autonomous smart-cities and electric lorries, while the rest of us are scratching our heads at what plastic can go in the recycling bin.

We need to live up to the expectation of the next most advanced society of our species and make sure we know how to walk before we hoverboard.

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